Féistastic Tune Book

Féistastic Tunes – Tune Book

20 Tunes from the CD Féistastic


Féistastic Tunes is the NEW tune book from Tina Jordan Rees which accompanies her debut Irish dance album, Féistastic.

The book contains 20 tunes with chords from the CD, hand-picked by Tina.  A selection of reels, jigs, slides, slip jigs, hornpipes and polkas including traditional and contemporary tunes as well as original compositions by Tina Jordan Rees.


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Féistastic Tunes

Pookie Cat’s Reel – Tina Jordan Rees
Remember That One Time… – Tina Jordan Rees
Rodney Miller’s – Rodney Miller
Faral O’Gara’s – Trad
Farewell To Chernobyl– Michel Ferry
Beenie’s – Tina Jordan Rees
Move Muscles – Tina Jordan Rees
RBS Jig – Andrew Waite
Sarah’s Smile – Michelle O’Leary
JIGS (Heavy Jigs 73bpm on Féistastic CD)
Beenie’s No.2 – Tina Jordan Rees
I Ne’er Shall Wean Her – Trad
Caherlistrane – Trad
Anatidaephobia – Tina Jordan Rees
So You Wanna Dance Now? – Tina Jordan Rees
Compliments To Sean Maguire – Brendan Mulvihill
Last of the Twins – Trad
POLKAS (Reels 128bpm on Féistastic CD)
Cuas Polka – Trad
Ray’s Classic – Willie Hunter Jr
JIGS (Light Jigs 116bpm on Féistastic CD)
Nina’s Jig – Niall Vallely
SLIDES (Hop Jigs 124bpm on Féistastic CD)
An Coisir – Trad