2014 – a new and exciting year

And so 2014 has come upon us. Is it me or does every year seem to come round more and more quickly? Perhaps it’s my age – birthdays seem to be approaching quicker too… Anyway, I had a lovely time at home in Clitheroe with the family over Christmas and now it’s back to work with a bang for 2014.

Being a self-employed musician is one of the most enjoyable jobs I could imagine being lucky enough to have. It is also sometimes one of the most stressful and tough jobs. Keeping up energy, enthusiasm and morale isn’t always the easiest of things, especially if there’s not an awful lot in the diary at present. I was reminded by a special someone to look back at how much I have achieved since becoming self-employed and to be positive about my achievements and how I’m continuously moving forward.

And so that’s what I’m going to do here. This blog is probably mainly for my own benefit but I’m happy for you to have a read of it too.

Here’s just some of what I achieved in 2013:

  • Released my second Irish dance album “Féistastic 2″
  • Recorded an EP with Gráinne Brady for our fiddle and piano duo
  • Bought a new keyed flute from George Orminston (part-funded by Arts Trust Scotland)
  • Bought a new high D whistle from Colin Goldie
  • Had a masterclass with Niall Keegan (funded by Creative Scotland)
  • Played live on “The Drift” on BBC Radio Lancashire with Gráinne and Eamonn Nugent
  • Was nominated in the 2013 MG ALBA Scots Trad Music Awards
  • Played two very nerve wracking solo piano gigs for the Trads Warm Up gigs and enjoyed them!
  • Co-host a weekly session in the Lismore Bar with Gráinne which has become very popular and a huge success
  • Have secured a number of private students who I really enjoy teaching and who I’m proud of
  • Got through an awful illness
  • Knitted my first jumper
  • Managed to pay all rent and bills 🙂

The above are just some of the things that I have managed to achieve in 2013 and that I’m proud of. It’s been helpful to write them down and to think about them to keep motivation up for this year. If 2014 shapes up to be as productive and positive as 2013 then I’m in for a good year. I will sure work hard to achieve as much as I can. Here’s to 2014!