There’s nothing quite like playing a real piano. Since I graduated from uni in 2011 I’ve hardly played a real piano and I really miss it. You just don’t get the same satisfaction from playing a keyboard/stage piano. It would be similar to playing a practice chanter all the time instead of your pipes I suppose. So, since Christmas I’ve been scouring ads on the internet for people selling pianos second hand. I’m unfortunately not made of money so I was looking for something very affordable. A few weeks ago I was just on my way to the post office when I though I’d pop into the British Heart Foundation furniture shop in Partick. To my surprise they had 3 pianos there. I was so excited! So I bought my favourite one of the three and it was delivered to the flat a few days later. I love having a real piano in the flat now. I actually enjoy playing scales and exercises and this is something that wasn’t very rewarding on a keyboard but is very much so on a real piano. I’m quite happy to play the piano for hours without playing a tune and just hammer out scales and exercises. I’m very excited to get it tuned this week and at some point I’ll invest in a stool. Here’s a picture of my lovely new/old piano.

New piano