Tune of the Week is back: ‘The Vault’ – Week 36

#tuneoftheweek is back! This time with a slight difference – some weeks I will be composing new tunes and recording them, others I will be learning tunes and recording them. When I was first doing the tune of the week project I found that it was amazing for my composition skills however it took up so much time that I found I wasn’t learning as many other tunes. So this time I’ve decided to include trad tunes and other people’s compositions so that my repertoire continues to grow – I’ll still be posting a tune a week.

For this first week back I have composed a reel in Bm/Dmaj. I started with messing around with my F natural key and the A part sort of materialised from that. The B part felt like it need a lift so I went to the relative major. I’ve named it ‘The Vault’ after the nightclub I went to in Aviemore with the tutors at this year’s Fèis Spè.