Tune of the Week: ‘Seán and Paul’s Welcome Back to The Weeg’ (Week 40)

Week 40 #tuneoftheweek is a jig I wrote at the weekend. I decided I’d like to try and write a tune in C# minor, as I’ve only written one other tune in that key before: ‘The Advent Strathspey’ (Week 31), have it fit nicely on the flute and also be simple enough, so lots of repetition, and this is what came out.

My friends Seán and Paul have been in Disneyworld Florida for a whole year playing with their band. They just returned to Glasgow last week. Paul had a great party for their return so I thought I’d name this tune after it.

I particularly enjoyed recording this week’s tune of the week as I ordered a new flute mic and it just arrived at the weekend which is very exciting. I got a t-bone mic and it’s great. Up until now I’ve just been using the built in mic on my laptop, which sounds ok but it’s not amazing, and so I’m delighted with how the recording sounds with the new flute mic. So much so I recorded 4 flute parts!

So here it is, ‘Seán and Paul’s Welcome Back to The Weeg’.