Week 3: #tuneoftheweek

It’s #tuneoftheweek week 3 already. I started writing a tune yesterday evening which I was quite happy with. I asked Adam does it sound like anything to which he said yes the first 2 bars are exactly the same as this tune and he started to play a tune that I’ve heard many times.. Darn it I thought.

So I started messing around in Bb major instead, one of my favourite keys on the piano as it sits so nicely under the fingers. I’m dead chuffed with what came out. I set myself no boundaries and didn’t use any particular composing techniques for this tune. It just sort of materialised quite naturally.

I’ve named it “Cherry Falls” which is the type of tomato I’ve been growing in the flat in Glasgow. Here’s a picture of some of last year’s crop and the beginnings of this year’s. Thanks to Adam Sutherland for kindly joining me on the fiddle in this recording 🙂

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