Week 7 #tuneoftheweek

I thought to myself how is it week 7 already? I don’t know if I have any energy to write a tune but it’s the last day of week 7 and I’m not done just yet so I better write something.

I was trying to write a march as I haven’t wrote any before but I’m actually not sure what this tune is. Is it a march? A polka? Slow reel? Does it even need to be in a box? I don’t know. I am chuffed that I broke my B minor writing block though so that’s something. I thought I’d write this in the pipe scale as well.

I’ve named it “The Goose” as there’s a rather scary goose at a house that I go to teach at each week. He likes to look at his reflection in their shiny black car and last lesson he scared me as he was next to my car door when I was about to leave. He hissed at me and flapped his wings, I was trying to shoo him away so I could get into my car but he was having none of it. He then caught sight of his reflection in the black car again and so was distracted whilst I got into my car. I was once bitten by a goose when I was tiny at Martin Mere and really didn’t enjoy it so I’m glad I managed to escape this time. This tune is for you Mr Goose.

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