A Milestone for #tuneoftheweek

Tina 2013

Tina 2013

So, #tuneoftheweek. What an adventure! Last week I hit a milestone; week 25. I’ve composed 25 tunes, one every week for 25 consecutive weeks. I feel that I’ve grown as a composer, a performer, and as a person in general from doing this project. I sometimes wonder if I’m mad for taking this upon myself but then I think, well if I am then I’m sure it’s helping with the project anyway.

One of the most exciting things to come from this project is that I had one of my tunes played on the radio. I was only on week 5 when I got a message from BBC’s Travelling Folk radio show, who had heard about my project through the internet, asking if I could do a wee interview and if they could play one of my tracks. I was absolutely delighted and accepted straight away! I chose my favourite composition at the time, actually it’s still one of my favourites to come from this project, week 3 ‘Cherry Falls’. I had a wee interview over the phone with Bruce MacGregor, the presenter of Travelling Folk. At the time I wasn’t sure how long the project would last for and I’m really happy that I’ve managed 25 weeks so far.

I’m currently planning to make a tune book of my (and your) favourite tunes from the project so far which is exciting. And I do hope to make an album of them as well. Perhaps 2015 would be a good time to embark on that side of the project too. It’s all very exciting anyway and I am very happy that I decided to start such a creative project. Hooray for tunes! Here’s to the next 25. Maybe…

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