Distil Scratch Band Day

Yesterday I was in LoFi Studios in Glasgow taking part in the Distil Scratch Band Day. There were 5 composers who all got an hour with the scratch band to work on their compositions. The fantastic scratch band were Patsy Reid on fiddle, James Lindsay on bass, Dave Milligan on piano and Alyn Cosker on drums.

The main aim of this first scratch band day was to write for drums. This is something I’ve never done before and I enjoyed giving it a go. I had arranged a tune I had written for my #tuneoftheweek project, a 7/8 tune which I had composed for Week 16. It was fantastic hearing the scratch band play it. We did a number of recordings during the hour to hear the progress of the piece with the musicians having more artistic license in the last recording. I hope to post a recording of it once I receive it.

I very much hope that there are more scratch band days like this in the future as it was a great experience and I’d love to do it again. I recommend it to other musicians too!

Here’s a picture of my drum part for my piece.

Ducks at Luss - Drums