FÉISTASTIC 2 is recorded!


Last week I recorded FÉISTASTIC 2. The 19 tracks are currently in the process of being mixed and so I should have samples for you to hear shortly.


New to this second Irish dance CD of mine is a Presentation Music track which I’ve really enjoyed working on. I’ve had a lot of fun recording the CD and especially the reel tracks which have some fun beats.


Because I got some great feedback from my first Irish dance album FÉISTASTIC, I have decided to have FÉISTASTIC 2 available for pre-orders in the near future. This way your CD can be posted to you as soon as it is released (release date TBC) and you will in-turn be helping me out a little bit with the finances of making the CD which will be much appreciated. So if you’d like to help me out a bit, or if you just fancy getting the CD a bit sooner then opt-in for the pre-orders. I will have more info on the pre-order process very soon! 


Here are some pics from the recording process in the meantime: