Custom Music

Custom made Irish dance music tracks by Tina Jordan Rees for:

  • Figure dances
  • Displays
  • Presentation music

The Storyteller – A True Tale!!
Dance Drama Music

This track was commissioned for the Dance Drama competition at the 2018 World Irish Dancing Championships by the Phoenix Academy, North West Region of England.

Tunes: The Storyteller, Nic’s (Tina Jordan Rees), Jolly Wolly (Tina Jordan Rees), King Of The Fairies, Reel For Laurence (Tina Jordan Rees), The Storyteller 

McDonald School Choreography
Figure Dance Music

This track was commissioned by the McDonald School of Irish Dancing to be used at the Mid Atlantic Oireachtas 2013. The track is made up of three of Tina’s compositions; Tripod’s Frolics, Up and Down, and McDonald School Dancers.

Dance teacher Amy Markwardt got in touch with Tina after having seen the video of a custom music track she did for a choreography in 2012. Amy had lots of exciting ideas for the music so worked closely together with Tina through emails to get the track right for her and her dancers. She requested Tripod’s Frolics, lots of key changes, harp, and funky beats all of which are jam packed into this track.

Scoil Rince Realta Choreography
Figure Dance Music

Tina was asked by Maeve Rankin of Scoil Rince Realta, Co. Down, to arrange and record the music to go with the figure dance that she had choreographed for her dancers for the 2012 World Irish Dance Championships in Belfast.

The process began by Maeve sending Tina a rough video of the choreography which she studied thoroughly in order to create the music which would complement the dance to the highest level.

Maeve was then sent a rough recording of the music that Tina had come up with and as she was happy with it, the go ahead was given to record it in the studio. The first tune is ‘A Lovely Madness’ written by Seán Óg Graham. The second and third tunes are both written by Tina Jordan Rees and are titled ‘November 9’ and ‘Remember That One Time..’.