Sunset Skies

This is my latest composition – a reel in G major. On this recording I play an A whistle and am joined by the fantastic Seán Gray on guitar. We recorded this as part of Seán’s ‘Isolation Collaboration’ video series. Watch the video here.

The Squirrel Returns | KPC

These are two new compositions of mine. I’m joined in this recording by the fantastic Jean Damei on guitar. This is a live recording from a rehearsal.
The Squirrel Returns is named after a cheeky squirrel who ate all the bird seed whilst hanging upside down. KPC is for Kinning Park Complex in Glasgow.

Cherry Falls

Arranged for the Distil Scratch Band Day on 6th May 20215, this is one of Tina’s favourite tunes from her Tune of the Week project. Performing on this live track recorded on the day are Patsy Reid on fiddle, James Lindsay on bass, Alyn Cosker on drums, and Dave Milligan on piano.

Ducks at Luss

The first Distil Scratch Band Day took place in September 2014. Ducks at Luss is another tune written during Tina’s Tune of the Week project. This live track was recorded on the day with Patsy Reid on fiddle, James Lindsay on bass, Alyn Cosker on drums, and Tina on piano.


Tina composed this piece for the Distil Showcase, 9th May 2014. The piece was written for McFall’s Chamber – 2 violins, viola, cello and double bass, with the addition of piano. This is a live recording from the showcase – the piece is played by McFall’s Chamber with Victoria Amy Robinson on piano.

Custom Irish Dance Music

This track was commissioned by the McDonald School of Irish Dancing to be used at the Mid Atlantic Oireachtas 2013. The track is made up of three of Tina’s compositions; Tripod’s Frolics, Up and Down, and McDonald School Dancers.

Gráinne Brady & Tina Jordan Rees

A track from Gráinne & Tina’s album High Spirits.
Tinstring (Gráinne Brady) / Pipe Down (Tina Jordan Rees) / The Lismore Session (Tina Jordan Rees)

Tina Jordan Rees & Megan Henderson

The following track is of Tina and Megan Henderson (fiddle). Tina recorded this track as part of a project for her BA (Hons) Scottish Music.
Emmett’s Hedgehog (Niall Vallely) / November 9 (Tina Jordan Rees) / Remember That One Time.. (Tina Jordan Rees)

Tina Jordan Rees – 4th Year Final Piano Recital (13th May 2011)

Here are live mp3 recordings from Tina’s final piano recital of the BA (Hons) in Scottish Music. She is joined by a number of fantastic musicians; Megan Henderson, Claire Hastings, Ruth Tarr, Ryan Young, Kevin Murphy, and David Foley. Below are the performance notes.

1. The Stonehouse Jig / The Long Road / Soggy’s

A huge influence for Tina’s piano playing is the Irish dance music tradition.  These three tunes are all popular in Irish dance music today. The first was written as a jig but is played as a heavy jig (basically a slow jig at speed 73 bpm). The right hand is mimicking the rhythms which the dancers create with their heavy shoes. The two slip jigs are contemporary compositions by Gerry Conlon and Sean Og Graham who are both traditional Irish and Irish dance musicians.

2. Where’s The Kitty / Up and Down / Pookie Cat’s Reel

Megan Henderson joins Tina on fiddle for this set of three tunes which Tina composed herself. The first is a 7/8 tune which Tina wrote for a composition class at the RSAMD. Megan enjoyed mimicking the title of Up and Down in the arrangement of the tune. The last reel is an example of why you should never let your mother name a tune for you…

3. The Air Tune / So, You Wanna Dance Now?

The first tune here is a lovely slow tune by the great fiddler Liz Carroll. Tina wrote the second tune in this set for her sister Lindsay.

4. The Fause Bride

Claire Hastings joins Tina for this beautiful song. It is sung to an Irish tune called ‘The Lambs on the Green Hill’.

5. Warlock’s / Glengarry’s Dirk / Lady Gordon of Gordonstown / Castle Kelly 

This set came about after Tina gathered and developed ideas for the left hand from arrangements in David Milligan’s book ‘Scottish Piano Collection’.

6. Mo Ghaol Oigear a Chuil Dhuinn

This is a beautiful, traditional Gaelic air.

7. Cille Pheadair 

Ruth Tarr joins Tina on the saxophone for this great wee tune written by Alan MacDonald. This was something new for Tina to work with a saxophone player.

8. Archie Menzie’s / Donald Stewart the Piper / The Rookery 

This set of tunes is played in a more traditional style with a vamping-style left hand accompaniment. The energy that is created through this style of left hand is vibrant. The first tune was written by John Lowe, the second by James Scott Skinner, and the third by Vincent Broderick.

9. Pink Flammingo / Jungle Tits / You Saucy Little Devil 

For this set Tina is joined by Ryan Young (fiddle), Kevin Murphy (accordion) and David Foley (bodhrán). The first jig is a great composition by Nuala Kennedy, the second jig was written by David Foley, and then the set finishes up with a cracking reel by Kevin Murphy.