G&T ‘HIGH SPIRITS’ Album Launch

The G&T launch night for HIGH SPIRITS was a cracking night! It was on Wednesday 7th October held in a popular venue in Glasgow called Stereo. Innes Watson kicked off the night with some fantastic songs and lovely guitar. Mec Lir followed shortly with a lively, foot stomping set.

Then it was time for G&T. We played the whole album from start to finish and were joined on stage by our band who are Paul Mc Clure, all the way from Donegal, on bodhrán, Cammy Maxwell on double bass and Craig Irving on guitar. For the 5/8s set on the album we created the Gráchestra – loads of layers of Gráinne playing cool harmonies and riffs. To recreate this live on stage we invited Innes Watson and Tom Callister (Mec Lir) to join us which was great fun.

For the encore we got all the musicians back up on stage from the night to perform together. We started with a great song from Innes and then went into a bunch of lively reels to finish off.

Then came the trad disco! I love a good trad disco! There should be more trad discos! It was great to see so many folk dancing to trad and folk music. Woo!

We will have some videos from the night to share with you soon. Here are some photos by Alistair Cassidy. Click on the photos to browse through them all 🙂