Irish Dance Music

Tina loves to play the music for Irish dancers to dance to. Being a TCRG (qualified Irish dance teacher) with An Coimisiún, she knows how important the music is to every dancer’s performance. It is an integral part of Irish dancing. Tina’s aim is to create and play music which is fun, lively, and bouncy. As well as playing traditional and contemporary tunes, Tina also composes many of her own tunes. This all adds variety and excitement to the music for the dancers, the audience, and Tina herself.

In 2012 Tina released her debut Irish dance album Féistastic. Since then she has gone on to release Féistastic 2, 3, and 4. The albums feature a mix of traditional and contemporary tunes, as well as Tina’s own compositions, in a variety of speeds for dancers of all levels.

When playing at féiseanna Tina plays a Yamaha PSR 2000 keyboard. She play all the melodies live with her right hand and the accompaniment with the left.

Féiseanna Tina has played at:

  • Glasgow Féis 2020 (An Coimisiún) – Glasgow, Scotland
  • Clan de Rinci Féis 2017 (An Coimisiún) – Newcastle, England
  • Australian International Oireachtas 2017 (An Coimisiún) – Gold Coast, Australia
  • Glasgow Féis 2017 (An Coimisiún) – Glasgow, Scotland
  • Glasgow Féis 2016 (An Coimisiún) – Glasgow, Scotland
  • St Patrick’s Féis 2015 (An Coimisiún) – Newcastle, England
  • Somerset Open Platform Festival 2015 (FIDTA) – Somerset, England
  • British Open Championships 2014 (CAID) – Dalkeith, Scotland
  • St Patrick’s Féis 2014 (An Coimisiún) – Newcastle, England
  • Edinburgh Open Féis 2014 (Open Platform) – Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Mainland European Championships 2013 (An Coimisiún) – Krakow, Poland
  • Alex Strange Open Féis 2013 (An Coimisiún) – Southport, England
  • Cheshire Championships of Irish Music & Dance 2013 (An Coimisiún) – Manchester, England
  • Ulster Championships 2013 (CRDM) – Carrickfergus, Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Blackburn Open Féis 2013 (An Coimisiún) – Blackburn, Lancashire, England
  • World Championships 2013 (WIDA) – Dusseldorf, Germany
  • European Championships 2013 (WIDA) – Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Claddagh Féis 2013 (An Comhdháil) – Watford, England
  • Banbridge Open Féis 2013 (WIDA) – Banbridge, Northern Ireland
  • Irish Open Championships 2012 (WIDA) – Dublin, Ireland
  • McInerney Open Féis 2012 (An Coimisiún) – Swindon, Bristol, England
  • Cheshire Championships of Music and Dance 2012 (An Coimisiún) – Manchester, England
  • Blackburn Open Féis 2012 (An Coimisiún) – Blackburn, Lancashire, England
  • Scanlon Féis 2012 (An Coimisiún) – Birmingham, England
  • Féile Rince na Carraige 2011 (An Coimisiún) – Clonmel, Co Tipperary, Ireland
  • Dot Redmond Memorial Féis 2011 (An Coimisiún) – Castlebar, Co Mayo, Ireland
  • Blackburn Open Féis 2011 (An Coimisiún) – Blackburn, Lancashire, England
  • Herring Clarke Class Féis 2010 & 2009 (An Coimisiún) – Blackburn, Lancashire, England