Week 6 #tuneoftheweek

Here is week 6 #tuneoftheweek. I wrote this on Sunday evening right at the end of week 6. Felt a bit like homework but I enjoyed writing it and I’m chuffed with the outcome.

For this tune I made a few decisions before I started to compose. I decided it was going to be in G major and I wanted it to sound fun and catchy. I had written the first couple of bars when my dad came through clicking his fingers and dancing as he walked. I thought that’s good, and so I stuck with it. I also gave myself a time limit for this tune of 15 mins per part. It actually ended up being 45 mins as I was writing something else for the first 15 but I didn’t really like it so started again. It took me longer to record it than it did to write it. Good practice I suppose.

I’ve named the tune “Bob’s Birthday Bash” as I have been home in Clitheroe this weekend for my dad’s 60th surprise birthday party which has been fun. The picture below is of the fantastic cake that my sister made for the occasion, a lovely model of the garden complete with our cat Erik.

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