Week 8 #tuneoftheweek

So technically I wrote this on day 1 of week 9 (today) but the tune I wrote yesterday for week 8 was so awful that I couldn’t use it. I attempted to write one on a keyboard app on my phone whilst on a train as I didn’t have any time to get to an instrument. I tried it today on the piano and it doesn’t even sound like a tune so I scrapped it. I’m glad because I much prefer this jig that I wrote.

I’ve named it “Pendolino” after the train I was on whilst attempting to write the first tune. The train toilet told me not to flush all sorts of things down the toilet, the most amusing of which were old mobile phones, unpaid bills, an ex’s sweater, hopes, dreams and goldfish. Nice to hear a bit of toilet humour (!) on the train. Anyway, here it is: “Pendolino”.

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