G&T @ the Lismore

I am very much looking forward to playing in the Lismore Bar, Dumbarton Road, Glasgow next Wednesday with Gráinne Brady. This will be our first G&T gig which is very exciting. We’re delighted to be joined by Eamonn Nugent on the bodhrán for the night too.

Myself and Gráinne have been working very hard getting our set list together. We’ve enjoyed composing and arranging loads of new tunes and can’t wait to play them. We’re due to unleash them on Eamonn next week – hope he’s ready, some of them are a bit mental!

Would be lovely to see as many folk in the Lismore as possible. We will have a bunch of our EPs for sale on the night too if anyone fancies one. Come on down and join G&T for a G&T (they have lovely Botanist gin in the Lismore)!
G&T in the Lismore