A weekend at the 2013 CRDM Ulster Championships



CRDM – Cumann Rince Dea Mheasa (organisation of good will and excellence in Irish dancing). This weekend was my first time playing the music for this Irish dance organisation and I really enjoyed it.

A 25 minute flight took me from Glasgow to Belfast on Friday evening. On the slightly delayed flight the pilot announced that we had to land by 9pm otherwise we’d turn into a pumpkin – we made it!

Saturday saw all the championship competitions with some fantastic dancers. The speeds for open set dances in CRDM can be quite different from other organisations. I played Kilkenny Races at speed 74 – I was amazed by the girls who had the stamina to dance this!

All the grade competitions were held on the Sunday. Some lovely little beginners in these sections with stunning feet (from what I could see over my keyboard from side stage).

The Ulster Championships ran for a mammoth 25 hours over the weekend – thankfully my fingers are still in tact! I’m not sure about my brain though..

Thanks to Ruth McCalmont-Long and everyone involved in organising the championships for inviting me over to play. I had a great time playing at a lovely féis 🙂